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   PhosNet can let users input a group of proteins/genes and the system efficiently returns the protein phosphorylation networks associated with three network models, such as network with protein-protein interactions, network with subcellular localization, and network with metabolic pathway and protein-protein interactions. Furthermore, in order to provide a cancer analysis for kinases and phosphoproteins, a total of 30 experiment series involved in 39 cancer types from Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array (GPL570), in which consisting of 54675 probe set for over 47000 transcripts, are integrated in this work.

Step 1. Input a group of genes:

Step 2. Select the organism:

Step 3. Choose the type of network analysis:

System Flow Network with PPI Interaction Network with PPI Interaction Network with Subcellular Localization Network with Metabolic Pathway